Alarm Strap

What is the alarm strap?

With your recording, you will receive a patient strap with your personal data from the nurse. So we always know who you are. Next to the patient strap you get a blank wristband with an alarm button. With this button you can alert your nurse if you are not in your room. For example if you go to the bathroom or in the lounge on the eteage. The alarm button is waterproof, so you can simply shower it.

Mobile number

The nurse will record your mobile number if you have it. So he or she can call you when you press the alarm button. Don’t take your mobile phone? Then a nurse will always come to you. The nursing can see where your call is coming from.

Place a call

You alert the nurse by pressing the alarm button 1 time. The nurse gets the call directly in.

Research or treatment

With some examinations or treatments your alarm strap should be off.

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