Decide Together

Erasmus MC, together with one other UMC, UMC Maastricht, and ten hospitals started the implementation programme ‘ decide together! ‘. With subsidy from the Netherlands Care Institute and support of experts and patient organisations, two teams, the outpatient clinic complex treatment decisions and the polyclinic familial hypercholesterolemia, are getting started. Several treatment teams are expected to join soon.

New Poli
The Polyclinic Complex treatment decisions (PCB) is an outpatient clinic where patients are referred to if they are confronted with complex treatment decisions. In order to clarify these complex treatment decisions, the possible treatments and advice are discussed in a multidisciplinary context. The referrer and the patient are thus helped to make the most appropriate balancing on the basis of the wishes, needs and preferences of the patient.
The multidisciplinary composition with, among other things, participation of ethicists, social workers and mental caregivers can be used to assess all aspects of the patient and its situation and to discuss with the patient.

polyclinic familial Hypercholosterolemie
Familial hypercholesterolemia is an inherited disorder in which blood cholesterol levels are too high. This can lead to cardiovascular disorders. The treatment team of this patient group, together with the Patient Association Hart & Vascular Groups, will discuss how to further stimulate joint decision-making in the consultation room. This will be done by the implementation of the consultation card.

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