Driven Care-Teams

In Our long-term strategy course 18, the ambition is to add more value for the patient. Under the heading Driven Zorg (WGZ) We strive for the best outcomes for the patient, at the lowest cost and in a patient-oriented manner. With this, driven care is part of ‘ together the direction at Erasmus MC ‘.

In driven care, the patient’s illness or condition is central and a multidisciplinary team is responsible for the patient’s overall treatment. Then we can only deliver that our care, care is ‘ that extends further ‘.

Meanwhile, 32 Value-Driven Care teams are working at the Erasmus MC. The teams all go through the following four phases:

  1. Develop and design
    In this phase the multidisciplinary team describes / optimizes a care path and defines a set of outcome measures with associated measuring instruments and measurement moments.
  2. Build
    In this phase, the described care process and the chosen questionnaires are set up in the hospital system. Result after this phase is that patients digitally receive a questionnaire and the treatment team can see the results in the patient record.
  3. Implementation/Assurance
    In this phase, the results of the different outcome measures measured in patients are fed back to the treatment team. This provides insight into the results in certain domains during the course of a specific disease.
  4. Evaluation/Innovation
    On the basis of the results, we examine how the care process could be adjusted, so that the quality of the care provided is improved structurally.
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