Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How can I contribute to a safe stay in the hospital?


Erasmus MC has developed a short animated film, in which you can explain in ten practical steps how to contribute to a safe stay in the hospital.

>> Watch the movie.

How does the alarm strap work?


If you stay here, you will receive a wristband with an alarm button, in addition to your patient’s personal data strap. With this alarm button you can warn your nurse if you are not in your room. For example in the lounge or on the bathroom. Do not do so.

What are the visiting times?


At Erasmus MC your family can visit you between 11:00 and 21:00. Care is priority, so take your appointments into account.

Why is there not cleaned with SOP?


The use of regular cleaning cloths, whether or not in combination with SOP, often leads to the spread of dirt and micro-organisms. Therefore, the Erasmus MC uses micro-fibre cloths. These cloths can absorb dirt much better and contain thin hollow fibres with ‘ sharp ‘ ends that scrape dirt and microfibres off surfaces. Because the use of SOP creates a kind of greasy layer that negates the action of micro-fibres, no sop is used.

How can I control the light and temperature in my room?


On the home screen of your tablet, you will find the application room control. In this application you can arrange the light and temperature in the room.

How can I ask the Facility care assistant for help?


On the home screen of your tablet, you will find the application service calls. In this application you can ask the Facility care assistant for help. They are available 24 hours a day to provide extra service to our patients. They try to make your hospital stay as pleasant as possible.

Is there the possibility to enable an interpreter?


In case of language problems, it may be useful to enable an interpreter. This can be requested by a doctor or a nurse. You can ask for an interpreter through the doctor or nurse.

How do I get in touch with companions?


Via the internet site of the Dutch patients Consumer Federation you can find the addresses of most Dutch patient organisations. If you want to know more about companions contact and/or need more information about your sickness and disease images, please contact the Information Centre, Tel: (010) 703 54 74 or mail to patienteninformatie@erasmusmc.nl.

Does Erasmus MC take my life's beliefs into account when preparing meals?


If you (or your child) do not want to eat certain dishes for religious reasons or because of your beliefs, we will take them into account as much as possible. You can also order vegetarian meals or meals without beef or pork.

Why are there almost exclusively single patient rooms in the new Erasmus MC?


Research conducted by Erasmus MC showed that the use of single rooms reduces the risk of infection and promotes patient calm. This will shorten the average stay per patient, while the quality of care increases. In addition, this also provides a better accommodation for family and visits which offers space for ‘social support’.

Are there also church services in Erasmus MC?

No, there are no more church services on Sundays. However, you can request a free (introductory) conversation with one of the spiritual carers at any time. You can ask the nurse.

Do I have to be a believer to get a conversation with a mental caregiver?

No. The mental carers are here for everyone who needs a confidential conversation. Sometimes it is enough to speak with them, sometimes there are specific (life) questions that play. Sometimes a ritual is helping. The mental caregiver fits in with what you are dealing with and needs. There is nothing to do. You can request a free (introductory) conversation with one of the spiritual carers at any time. You can ask the nurse.

Are there also Islamic mental carers working at Erasmus MC?

Yes, there is a Moroccan male mental caregiver (who also speaks Arabic and French) and a Turkish female mental caregiver present. They both work two days a week. You can request a call through the nurse.

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