Taking control together

Care that goes way further


Erasmus MC and the patient take control together. Your values, needs and preferences are central to our policy, facilities and treatments. We work in a team with you and all your involved health care providers. We will send you results that are of interest to you. The degree of healing counts, but also wider and long lasting results are important such as your quality of life, your emotional health and the burden of your caregiver.

The starting points

The umbrella under which Erasmus MC provides her care is jointly directed. This means that:

  • The values, needs and preferences of the patient and their family determine the medical care, the emotional support and needed facilities.
  • Besides from clinical results, the voice of the patient is of major importance, like results on quality of life.
  • Treatment teams are composed to coordinate and align the care in the best way possible. The disease teams consist of various health care professionals, region partners and the patient itself.

Read more about the current projects, teams and initiatives:

We think your opinion is important.

After reading this page, do you have questions about taking control together? Do you want more information? Or do you have any questions or suggestions in this area for our hospital? Please feel free to contact us via samenderegie@erasmusmc.nl.

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